Monday, June 16, 2014


Sometimes there's so much joy
It becomes hard to breathe


Because will it last?
What if you don't remember how it feels?

Come home

Dear child

It comes, as fast as it goes.


Enjoy it while it lasts

Come back to yoursel(ves) once its dust

Musical dopamine #1

A few years ago, I wouldn't be caught dead listening to something with the unabashed pop feel of this track.

The original is poppier and busier, with a strangely Indian sounding sample by Gold Panda opening it.

Goldroom takes "You (Hahaha)" and elevates it to a whole other level by stripping away the Gold Panda sample, adding punchy basslines, tricky grooves, and a signature aural firework sound marking the chorus. So that when you hit 3:08 and the cannons go off, you know you're in nu disco land. 

And what a wonderful world it is.

The song is about learning to walk away, a lesson we could all could use. 
My favourite line is "choke when you see love grow" and “you were meant to be alone” which she says a thousand times as the song fades out.

The chorus is what will hook you, with the very unusual “hahahaha” preceding the matter of fact “I was right” and (too bad) “you fucked it up.”

Gentle, groovy beratement amplified by classic Goldroom. It couldn’t get any better.