Sunday, December 13, 2009

How much this sucks

People are making music, people my age, spinning at MOS, playing in bands, making music, and I'm sitting her, typing out a completely unoriginal, patently useless CPC project cause that's how my prof wants it. What could suck more?

I want to dance. Play. Write. Sing. Also research and write academic stuff, but if its exciting. Like jurisprudential crap. Very very interesting stuff, that. Or policy stuff. Not the procedure that needs to be followed when making an application for admission of additional evidence at appellate stage.



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Ayush said...

bad career decision then no :P..... dont worry i feel your pain but when well be running these country these ppl'll be retiring with broken fingers and arthiritis from too much palying or thumb sores from too much spinning etc etc :D our time too shallc ome the nERD SHALL RISE!!!