Sunday, October 25, 2009

Morning namaaz

Pulling a laaaatttee nighter for crim law end term today. Highlight- apart from the almost rat-invasion, hearing the morning namaaz. Its funny how there always seems to be a mosque around, no matter where I am putting my head to rest. I like the sound. Its soothing, transportational and somewhat hypnotic.

My grandparents house in Hyderabad, we used to have a baby mosque right in front. (Also a mental hospital and tuberculosis facility down the street. Funky locality.) As the house grew older and changed colours (it is currently a VIRULENT shade of blue) the mosque grew, until it turned into a huge structure with loudspeakers almost edging into our windows.

So when the family gathered, there'd be a clamour to secure rooms farthest from the source of omg-isitfouralready-butiwantto-SLEEP!

Must get back to chargesheets.

PS- hols in two days!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Country makes me feel- happy, sunny, sad
Metal- takes care of any anger i'm feeling
emo- the above, plus if i feel like being morose, the best.
classic rock- for all occasions
classical- hmmmm, difficult to classify. a lot to do with memories for me.
indie- just regular
blues- oddly, rarely for when i actually have the blues. more for a bit of that rhythm and mellow, relaxed mood i cant find words to describe. well words other than those :P

Music. What would I do without it. It would put most therapists to shame.