Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Humanity of Dawn

At the twilight hour of dawn
The two legged beasts
Become less than-
Reclaim the land they built
With their human, feeling feet
Lunge on forlorn park benches
Feeling air instead of exhaust
Stand under trees, look up at leaves
The axe resting a while
The molestation put on hold

The humanity of dawn
Doesn't last very long
But the two legged beasts
Become less than


Suhas said...

Beautiful imagery and love the blank...
"Become less than --"
As eloquent as silence can ever be

super-agent said...

its just beautiful... awesome

Dhruva said...

I like the construction of this, in certain parts. In case you haven't guessed which, it is the part which goes

"But the two legged beasts
Become less than"