Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The youngling's manch pravesh

My little sister is kathak graduating today. In a sense. She's performing at Stein auditorium at Habitat Centre, and doing a choreography my guru ji (the best guru ji in the WORLD, btw) calls jaan leva. As I type this, I'm waiting for the nail paint on her very tiny little fingernails to dry off. I never knew her finger nails were that tiny until I did this. Its such a typical elder sister younger sister thing to be doing, and we've never done it until today, the day of her big performance, and a couple of months before she leaves for the foreign lands.

I'm even wearing a magnata (magenta, as pronounced by my maths tutor) sari to mark the occasion. Sigh. All senti, this post.



Sir Loon said...

Ahhh, quite endearing indeed

Gayatri said...

intriguing choreography beautifully executed :)
WORLD's best guru ji indeed
and asawari's absolutely phenomenal