Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thoughts on riding Juno (my Pulsar 135)

1) She’s beautiful. Lovely flank (fuel tank), nice cuts like on the Apache
2) Prettier face than the Apache’s, which was my problem with said bike
3) Sounds GREAT
4) Makes me huppy when I ride, feel weird if haven’t ridden in a while
5) Taking helmet off is always fun, in a melodramatic-wait-till-I-shake-out-my-hair kinda way (J. k. Not really.)
6) Only the tip of my big toe reaches the ground when I’m trying to manoeuvre. Trick- to get off and wheel her around, or risk severe discomfort in the crotch area from trying to produce momentum from... nothing.
7) Can get her on centre stand, woot! Absolutely not about brute strength or anything, all about the right angles and little tricks, or physics, for the less romantic
8) Sponge stuffed shiny blue horse keychain- nice statement, but stinky. Sponge doesn’t dry post rain. In Bangalore, always rain.
9) Weird noise when riding fast-ish with visor up. MAJOR whistling in ears. (not from bike, from wind)
10) Shifts to the first gear not always crotch friendly. Especially for the guy sitting behind you
11) As with most other things, a lot about being confident
12) Earrings will poke, hair will escape and get in nose and mouth. Will get cold, must carry jacket at all times
13) Full tank for 300 bucks. :D Great mileage, tis awesome.
14) No up when going up, no down when going down. (Err, gears. Moving on)
15)Excellent for learning how to- stop caring if you’re embarrassing self, learning self control and crisis management. :P :P

Why is it that when its 1:35 in the morning and there’s nothing left to do but sleep, I feel the need for a book to read, a movie to watch, someone to text? Are we, as a generation, unable to occupy our time with our own thoughts, and with doing 'nothing?' Why the need for constant distraction? Woe the inability to focus on one person/thing for any length of time, because of the constant pinging in the background.

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