Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Itch

GAHHH. I have NEVER hated Sundays. Except this one. I'm itching. Physically and metaphorically. (Sari mummy :P, its not my fault the best law school in the country can't provide 24 hr hot water)

I'm itching to be off somewhere, doing something, riding, eating, coffee drinking, even just sitting anywhere but in this tiny room with the tiny bed that I've spent too many hours lolling in.

Which is why I think I'm either a busyness junkie, or a workaholic. I don't think the latter is too likely, I'm not crazy, I have a life that isn't my work. But nothing beats that weird buzz when you're doing something you care about and you want desperately to make it happen; for it to turn out well.

Which, in turn tells me two things- 1) I've got to do what I like and 2) I've got to do a lot of it and 3) I've got to also be able to chill, eat out and ride my bike.

Monotony + having nothing to do- cannot be taken. This is why I'm such a bad candidate for a nose piercing. I got bored of my little stud and pulled it out, (intending to replace it with something else) and now I might have to get it re-pierced for the sixth time. Ouch.

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