Sunday, April 3, 2011

Idiot, insecure Indian men

A man is expected to be powerful and so is belittled for being unable to lift a bag or bolt a door. A woman isn’t, and so does not expect herself to be powerful. The rare specimen that does is met with astonishment or ridiculous behaviour.
Not many men can handle powerful women. I see no other explanation for the way my friend and I are met when we take our bikes out on Nagarbhavi roads. Yesterday, we had the pleasure of encountering two fat, ill behaved a#$#^&*(% on a Dio, if you please, coming within two centimetres of us, trailing, gesturing, even turning around and coming at us head on (in the wrong lane), hoping for... I don’t know, it is a mystery.

Realising that in customary style, I had gotten angry and sped off in the wrong direction after aforementioned buffoons, my friend frantically signalled and got me to turn around. We headed towards the mythical Enamor sale, this time on the right track, and were met, in addition to the usual bevy of stares and calls; by an idiot on a pulsar who felt he had to do one better. So not only did he tail us for a bit, he also came within two inches of us, and pulled a wheelie, right behind a big fat bus that could’ve slammed on its breaks at any second.
He then moved to one side of the road, stopped, looked at us expectantly, again, hoping for what? Perhaps some acknowledgment of his manliness or superiority, search me.

It doesn’t stop here. On this same day (that India won the World Cup, no less), this friend and I went to grab burgers at KFC and were met by a fool, OPENLY STARING at me with an expression of utter entitlement, like I was put there by the forces of the universe for his viewing pleasure. I turned and stared at him, and this only spurred him to make sneering faces at the other fool sitting across him. We ate our burgers and feeling his stare again, I turned to find him looking at me with that same infuriating mix of expressions on his face. So I said to him “Could you stop staring at me you **)#R$@)##? And of course, like the typical cowardly, lecherous Indian man, he immediately cowered, feigned utter and absolute ignorance and looked away.

UGH. My hatred of this variety of the Indian man deepens by the day, this man who is never in short supply, always goggle eyed, unabashed and deeply depraved.


Honey Sangha said...

Aqseer, I feel your bile and pain but do pick your battles. My prayer for you as a Mom is, "Let the guy Aqseer decides to spend her life with not feel threatened by her."

Aqseer said...

What if its a girl? Hehe. Just kidding.
Its an important battle ma. But yes, I need to calm down and more importantly, buy mace.

debu206 said...

Buy a gun.

Sonia Dhaliwal said...

Pick your battles? Heck she won this one! If we as women keep telling others to shutup, when will we see an change? Thats no way to treat a victory. Right on lady! Keep making those idiots feel ashamed. It's about time!

TJulofVulcan said...

Try marrying one of the weak moronic a*s*ol*s. The educated ones are even more rediculous. They cant empty a trash can because they have a Masters. Puleesee! The only way to handle Indian men is to verbally abuse them and threaten their f*#@ing lives and show 'em you damned well mean EVERY WORD I #*@*ing say....