Monday, July 7, 2008

Cucumber Crunch

One week into law school and the fresh meat has turned stale. Granted, there's the odd prawn in the sea of tuna (track the changing metaphors please) but one is a mother of three and really doesn't have the energy to tackle any but the scaliest.
Ha. As if.

Coming to the point of this post.

Ever wondered if people could hear you crunching your cucumber at the dinner table as loudly as you could hear yourself in your head? I always have.
Most people are quite audible always, but the question has and will continue to haunt me- how loud am I?

I recall being embarrassed and hesitant about consuming the greens for fear of being taken for a concrete cruncher. It's one of those odd questions that stay with you always.
An answer, dear reader, would be greatly appreciated.

Yours wonderingly (FN1- refer Daddy-long-legs. A work of art, I've always thought)
Aqseer the lost

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UDit said...

consume them for your benefit! really, what's there to be embarrassed about? if you want an answer to that question, put a video camera at a location near where a person you think may be within range to hear you and go crunch into that green! hehe... :)