Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I love life now.
For too long, I’ve asked too much from my circumstances. I haven’t tried to be happy, I’ve tried to be “alright”. I’ve almost liked being sceptical and miserable. I’ve accepted that as my state of being, my comfort zone, my armour protecting me from everything outside.
The Calvin quote- "happiness isn’t good enough, I demand euphoria” is making sense now. In an odd way, I see I'm progressing as a person.. I’m holding on to (happy) life more. Its interesting...this evolution.
I wonder what’s sparked it off.
As of now, life is good. And maybe in the future, I’ll know how to make it stay that way.
As I see it though, to love life you need- music, to be passionate about something, to have a way of working on/with what you’re passionate about, family, friends.
That’s it.
That isn’t too bad is it? It’s stunningly achievable for most homo sapiens.
Dogs, of course, were made to love life.
Lucky sods.
Incidentally, a pet would only help, methinks.


UDit said...

the trigger is not the point, but that feeling is... its that feeling that everybody dreams about, but no one tries to achieve... or we're too busy looking in the wrong places to open our eyes to what was in front of us all along! Happiness and euphoria are created by us for us, do we really need a reason to be happy? i think not...
tussi bade change ho!

Aqseer said...

feels like to feel uve got it all figured out no?
ure right tho.