Monday, August 24, 2009

Been a long time

Apparently I last posted on april 29th. Shame on me. So many things to write about.
the contempt of court law in this country
the joy of watching corny movies
how great it feels that the sister, the mater, pater and I are in the same house for a coupla days
how scary credit cards can be
discovering Delhi
souffle! not the dessert, karan's dog- souffle

So. I didnt know this, but apparently, the contempt of courts Act allows proceedings to be intiated in a number of situations, one of which is... drum roll... SCANDALIZING the court. Im sorry, what? So if I flash you, or am drunk around you, or dont double over enough, you get to intiate proceedings against me?

I intend to write a more.. ahem, academic piece about this, but basically, I think it serves the end of the Act to limit liability for "obstruction of justice". Maybe then we wont have judges giving railway officials hell for denying them first class tickets on the ground that it lowers the majesty of the court, and therefore amounts to contempt.

Its not the colonial era anymore. Remember?

PS- had a lonnng discussion with a fellow law schoolite about this, but would like your views, and the question is not about the magazine, or literal. To quote fellow law schoolite, its about the socio-cultural construct of male v. female sexuality. The question is- what is the female equivalent of a playboy? Slut?

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