Thursday, August 27, 2009

Awesome lassi and Assorted Delhi-isms

Went to the most awesome Lajpat nagar market to help dad with some shopping. Found that this market, like Karol Bagh, is dominated by sardars and punjabi paraphernalia. The best by product of this dominance is the most AMAZING lassi I've gulped down in too long a while. So creamy. Just the right amount of sweet. Huge, sweating steel glass, the only way to have lassi, in my opinion. So frothy. Mmmm.

Also, very decent kachori. And paneer bread pakora, for the adventurous. The bread pakora really anchored my stomach, but the chutney was beyond brilliant.

Sigh. Contemtment, thy name be small halwai ki dukan. (If you want to find this shop and try the lassi, which is something I very strongly recommend, just sniff the air a few metres off the main entrance to the market. The shop will reveal itself to you. There are two. I went to the one more tucked inside.)

On a different note, by jove I heart dilli. Kya style hai baap, logon ka. They're aggressive, but aaaa how they talk. Feel aati hai, tagdi waali. How they sell. And the city! Wide roads, awesome street food (BUNTAAAA! Tandoori momos!), monuments alongside flyovers (which is probably not so good for the monuments), a decent amount of greenery, sarojni... sigh.

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