Sunday, October 25, 2009

Morning namaaz

Pulling a laaaatttee nighter for crim law end term today. Highlight- apart from the almost rat-invasion, hearing the morning namaaz. Its funny how there always seems to be a mosque around, no matter where I am putting my head to rest. I like the sound. Its soothing, transportational and somewhat hypnotic.

My grandparents house in Hyderabad, we used to have a baby mosque right in front. (Also a mental hospital and tuberculosis facility down the street. Funky locality.) As the house grew older and changed colours (it is currently a VIRULENT shade of blue) the mosque grew, until it turned into a huge structure with loudspeakers almost edging into our windows.

So when the family gathered, there'd be a clamour to secure rooms farthest from the source of omg-isitfouralready-butiwantto-SLEEP!

Must get back to chargesheets.

PS- hols in two days!


Adarsh said...

It is very soothing agreed, especially early in the morning...

Salam said...

Plz miss dont comment on religion ok. The morning namaaz is for to remeber god when we get up. In my colony also there is temple, they start recording from morning 5 am. We never complaint about this to anybody. Ur prays go for long hours. Namaz will be for 2 mins something like this. So its my request never comment on religion ok. Have a good day.

Salam said...

I am sorry if i hurted u by my comment