Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Country makes me feel- happy, sunny, sad
Metal- takes care of any anger i'm feeling
emo- the above, plus if i feel like being morose, the best.
classic rock- for all occasions
classical- hmmmm, difficult to classify. a lot to do with memories for me.
indie- just regular
blues- oddly, rarely for when i actually have the blues. more for a bit of that rhythm and mellow, relaxed mood i cant find words to describe. well words other than those :P

Music. What would I do without it. It would put most therapists to shame.


Adarsh said...

Just saw your blog man, its really good. Try posting more often.

Btw about that that lassi shop in lajpat, i am a big fan of these sort of things. Those 2 shops share their profits incidentally. Also lajpat momos are worth writing about too... The next time you are in Delhi, maybe i can take you around to some amazing eateries??

Aqseer said...

thank you. :) if u can enable access to tandoori momos, sure.