Friday, October 10, 2008

Women On the Street

It's inevitable methinks. Tell women that the odds of them getting raped on the streets are as high as the probability that a bomb blast will kill em, and they will freak.

Have you noticed women on the street? For the women, have you noticed yourselves? I have, and its freaky cause even on a good, happy day, on the road, I resemble a bull ready to gore someone. My fists ball up, my nose is flaring in retaliation to some unprovoked (as yet) incident and boy am I striding. March, march, march; look like you'll hit if someone tries to rape you; look pissed off; stare back if some ash-ole stares at you.

It's like I'm programmed. But it isn't that at all is it? It's not that I do these things cause I have some button in my head that flicks when I'm out alone.
Sadly enough, I do these things cause I'm genuinely afraid I'm going to make the news tomorrow.

A very close friend of mine recently did btw. All the more reason to purchase a swiss knife early.

Interesting site, this-


UDit said...

you write stuff that leaves me speechless.

Aqseer said...

im glad :)