Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anger and Indignation

Also old, 2007.

I am sitting, squatting, wind blowing, on the tank of my ancestral home, overlooking a mosque, 5 houses, a well and a mental hospital. It has been a while, a long while since I last wrote. Actually I'm scribbling more than writing. Across from me is this tree that bears this fruit that this boy, 17 hopefully, sells on the main road. He can write, or so i gather, and maybe he goes to school. But while I have the luxury of squatting on a tank in my ancestral home, he's inhaling exhaust fumes on the main road.

Some things I will never understand. They hurt to think about.

How are rich people, or even decently well off people, that drive across/over poor people on the streets, still able to look at themselves in the mirror without flinching? Doesn't some part of them scream? What that coconut boy does is not easy. He works hard. Why do i get to live here and he on the street? WHy do boys with shaved heads and awful infections, dribbling noses and pot bellies crawl upto people and ask them for money?
yeah i know, because they havent any. a rhetorical question dear reader.

These are questions oft asked and seldom anwered. They'd break my heart if I let them and then NLS would have one student less.

Really. What humans have done to this planet, no one can equal. You dont need me to tell u that. Everybody already knows. But everybody thinks "what if I switch off lights and fans? What difference can one person make?"

I dont @$#%^&* know. What if you did that and so did 10 of your friends and so did ten of theirs eh? what then?? maybe if you just took SUM TIME to look BEYOND YOURSELF and looked across the street and were kind to someone or spat in a bin instead of at someones feet or something... maybe then the "world" would be a better place and maybe then we'd have a better chance of survival, CAUSE THE WAY IT IS RIGHT NOW, I DONT SEE US GOING TOO FAR.

And thats the crux of it btw. Save not the World you have to. the "world" is YOUR world. the people around you. you dont have to be a hero and do a medha phatkar. i'l do that for you. just be a little more aware and a little less cynical and a little kinder.

thats all


Dhruv said...

wow, i never knew this blog existed :-|.
no use pining about what you can't help though. the most you can do is change yourself. sadly, most people don't believe in the "change yourself, change the world" thing. it all comes down to being human. the debate isn't if we're human or not, the debate is if human is putting others before yourself or being selfish before looking out for others.
i guess the definition is changing with time. being human is now just the latter.

Aqseer said...

i dont know d.. who decides what u can help and what u cant?
alone, i cant help anything. if i dont pine, there's zero chance other ppl will come help and make it possible for me to help in some way
if i pine, there's a chance. small, but it exists

Youre right about ppl putting themselves first, and i dont think u can blame them..
but yeah, u can ask em to take other ppl along as they climb up to unreal levels of wealthiness.. :) and u can ask em to climb up without killing ppl beneath cause they dont have a right to do that.

there's an absence of informed policy decisions, i feel. for example, with the beggars.. giving them money is not enough, taking that baby would not be enough. they have to get off the drug first

if i hadnt gone and spoken to that woman, id have given the lady money and that would've fuelled her habit. even the law on begging is ridiculous

UDit said...

digressing, listen to street guru - both the parts by nitin sawhney....