Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Flip Side

I grudge some women a few things. I grudge hypocritical feminists. They taint the movement and the concept. I’m not pretending I know everything there is to know about feminism. Tried educating myself, got irritated and bored.

My version revolves around equality and liberation. Men and women are human beings, and we’re equal. If men are stronger physically, women are more emotionally mature at an earlier age. One balances the other. Ultimately, neither is superior. Women are bound by a lot of social norms- of modesty [the other kind], of genteelness blah blah. Load o crap.

This is my problem. On one hand, you want to vote, you want social norms that inconvenience you to fade away. But are you willing to be treated equally in every respect? Are you willing to be rough housed when you get into the army? Are you willing to give up ladies seats and pay for your meals? You can’t ask for equality and want special treatment too. That’s hypocritical.
[Some women btw, take more shit than required to prove themselves. It’s something that, apparently, needs to be done to earn respect from generations of socialized, blind men. A guy slacks off at work, the boss might overlook it. One wrong step from the woman, and it’s proof she ought to have stayed home and wiped her baby’s bottom. A thing of the past you say.. agreed, but only where women aren’t an uncommon sight. What do you reckon will happen when women start driving buses and cutting up meat? “Tere bas ki nahin hai”. That’s what. Other women, of course, will bat their lashes and threaten to cry.]

You’re not extra special woman. Womankind is not superior to mankind. We’re oppressed, we’re wonderful, but we can pay for our meals, we can stand in buses, we should be prepared to be treated equally in the boxing ring, in the sports field, in corporate houses, in the court.

Chivalry in particular, I don’t stand for it. I think it’s disrespectful to me, I think it’s unfair to the guy. I don’t want chivalry. If being chivalrous makes you feel like a gentleman, go ahead. Don’t expect me to be grateful or think better of you for it. Don’t expect me to accept it as adequate compensation for exclusion from “a man’s world”. I HATE that phrase.
My version says chivalry is over-rated and ought not to be expected. Why do you want doors opened and bags lifted eh? If you’re capable of doing the same work as he does, you should be able to carry your own bags.
Why can the girl not make the first move? Why is that haw ji? Women won’t let you, btw. The guys’ll be thanking their stars they were saved the trouble and females will say- AQSEER! You don’t DO that? Arre why?
It’s almost as if some women don’t want to be liberated. It’s almost as if they like being bound with norms and traditions. There’s this big confusion between femininity and being treated as fragile. I’m a woman, to be womanly I must be treated like I’m made of glass. But oh no, don’t take any opportunities away from me. Give me those and keep treating me like I’m made of glass. I’m a woman na.. that’s why. Bollocks.

Start acting equal, start acting liberated, and somewhere down the line, you’ll be treated that way. Don’t go running to your coach crying when you get hurt, grit your teeth and deal with it. Like the guys do.

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