Thursday, January 22, 2009

Old and New


I'm Aqseer. I used to be an outspoken, opinionated, unafraid girl. And then I lost myself in law school diplomacy and the idea of making balanced, fair arguments. You could argue it was a gain rather than a loss, and I might agree. In fact, to an extent, I do. Except I lost that girl to some other things as well, and that, I regret.

I lost it to people who thought it's wrong to be so opinionated so early in life, and to people that think feminism is a load of crap. Also that idealism is a load of crap, and that one person can't do shit to change anything. In fact, I think I let em change the way I think, a little bit.

Old Aqseer's back.

And thank... me.

A lot of malice
Just for show :)
Or maybe not.


Aldemen Tripe Loon said...

Change is inevitable, you just need to keep it from taking over completely

UDit said...

"Old Aqseer's back."
I like Old Aqseer. ;-)