Thursday, February 12, 2009

And Oday to ze Moon

Me mater and pater bought me running shoes. With the cost of the purchase weighing down on me head, I decided to paisa vasoolo. (All lies, I want to lose weight. Hehe. Actually, no. I want to lose flab. There be difference. Vital difference) Anyhoo.

So six thirty am, when the mater rises, is too early for me. But me mater be quite the persuader. So I hauled posterior at ten thirty last night and ventured forth into the moonlight.

You know what I like about the moon? It doesn't hurt the eyes, its pretty and calm and spotty, it changes shapes
and most importantly...

it goes wherever you go. Like hutch puppy. Everywhere man! I'd be thinking of something slightly negative, and look up, and there it'd be, solid and true and calming to boot.

Awesome stuff.

Running is awesome. I've never liked it, as a form of exercise. Too boring, I've always though it is. But its kinda nice when you can master the art of adjusting ear phones while running.

All hail the pod. I think apple's a bit complacent about the pod though. They do only so much to make it worth all the hype.

Chalo ji
very random
"And in this moment I am happy"


UDit said...

"And in this moment I am happy"
sahi! Good to see you're in a happy phase of life.
Running is a passion, its also a great seducer. The more you run, the more you desire it.
Especially love it when that particular song you love comes up and fits the situation beautifully. Last had that feeling while finishing my run to Delhi-6 and watching the sunset over all the trees. Fabulous! :-)

Aldemen Tripe Loon said...

Nice analogy for the moon