Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why does a 50 year old's morality apply, in ALL spheres, to a 20 something's?

Think about it. Twenty to thirty year olds are adults too. Credit us with the sense to know what is decent, and what people of a certain age group can handle.

Maybe some of us are forgetting Indian culture, or "Indian" values of decency. But heck, who defines whats Indian? People from the last generation, or the generation before that, or the generation before that?

Their culture is what Indian culture WAS. Which is not to say that our generation strikes a particularly appreciable balance between traditional Indianess and the far more accessible, and aggressive UK, US culture. It doesn't, we don't.

So I'm not saying that harbingers of "Indian culture" should put away their sitars, or sarees (the saree is actually a garment that the British forced us into adopting, btw). PLEASE, I do want to know more about my own, uninfluenced by Gwen Stefani, culture. I AM ashamed I know English better than I know Punjabi.

But while you do try and get me to learn my mother tongue, appreciate that "Indian" values are no longer the same as they were in your time. So if people with a different idea of decency decide to make a sensitive movie for a select audience that they think can handle it, keep your nose out of it. We don't destroy your harmoniums just because its not "Indian" enough for us.

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UDit said...

That is possibly an example of the difference between north and south india. The traditions there make little sense to us at all, which we are obviously unable to relate to. Making a film on homosexuality would be a laudable albeit bold move in our part of the country, i can imagine the outrage it caused there.
The rigid and extremist view points will always remain, because it will always end up finding sympathisers and well-wishers. Take the example of Shri Ram Sena, VHP, MNS, Bajrang Dal etc.
I'm sure you feel the culture shock amongst the locals of your own age group in blore. Its only worse when we're talking about the older generation, which was even more seeped in tradition and orthodoxy.
But yeah, things will always be like this. The succeeding generation will always be unable to see the point of the previous generation, who will always feel that inspite of their (relatively) liberal nature, this generation is growing far too quickly for its own good.
Life goes on babes! :-)