Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Of Sparkly Autos and Musical Bigotry

So I think firang music is all or nothing. Either its all electronica, or its all rock. Or all pop or all country or all punk or all "iron and wine-y". Know what I mean? Which is why I have such rigid taste in that department.

On the other hand, Indian music does a lot of blending. Any recent AR Rahman track will reveal multiple layers of sound, and textures, genres, flavours of sound. Its not all or nothing. Its a superb mix of a lot of things.

Even Chekele by Avial. There's some funky electronica inspired stuff going on there, but I dont mind. Not one bit. Heck, I love that track.


Autos in Delhi have gone funky. Or funkier than I remember. So I get into this auto, and I'm flanked on the right by Priety Zinta with very silly beads in her hair, and on the other by Priyanka Chopra in a lehenga with her nose in the air (to give the viewer a stunning view of her sparkly blue eyeliner).

My sister tells me she got into an auto once that was lined with pictures of former president Kalam, and that the driver had hair exactly like his.
I even came across Winslet and Caprio in their immensely identifiable Titanic pose on the back rest in one auto.

Bangalore on the other hand contents itself with fancy fur or shiny interior decor.
Sometimes even disco lights. Them chaps in England would charge for that, but here, its on the house man. :D


Anonymous said...

Musical Bigotry, huh?
bigotry that is musical, or
bigotry in the field of music ;-)

Aqseer said...

bigotry in the field of music, obviously
it just sounded nicer this way :) its not even bigotry, hello

woenvu said...

Re: music.

it could be an Indian thing in general - the lack of adherence to genre. you see it in the movies too.

but i think it's unfair to say that firang music is all or nothing. depends on what/who you listen to... which is true with anything.