Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I really felt like playing this morning. I don't do that a lot in law school. I think this was the fifth time in two years that I actually dusted her off and played. It feels good. I'm now looking for help reading tabs.

Songs I want to play so far
a)Morning yearning by Ben Harper
b) The Sky is falling by Sajid Akbar

Aliyah. I love that name. Close contender- Abla, meaning full bodied. But Aliyah just sounds so much better. It means sky, heaven some shit like that. What the hell, form over substance any day :P

I think i'm deviating from the mandate I'd set for my blog when I started off. But I think I'll settle for whatever I feel like writing, cause atleast I'll be writing.

PPS (for those of you who have not read Daddy-Long-Legs, PLEASE do) I think Aliyah and I are going to be very happy together! :D


niharika said...

i still think she should be called zia or some such.

Aqseer said...

i yam contemplating it.